SMB solutions

Lavin Gosselin: legal partners of small and medium sized businesses

SMB solutions is the answer for businesses looking to be proactive and to minimize legal risks.

In the management of a business, every day you face various legal issues. We know that for a business person it is not always easy:

  • To evaluate all the legal implications related to a specific situation
  • To make informed decisions
  • To ensure that your business is protected for the present and the future when signing a contract
  • To ensure that you apply the appropriate measures at contractual, administrative and human resource levels

Even if the majority of businesses wish to hire in-house legal counsel to help them understand the legal aspects and optimize business decisions, it is not always possible to do so for financial reasons or because the needs do not warrant it.  With a view to assist managers and their business overcome such obstacles, our dedicated and seasoned team has created SMB Solution.

Solutions offered
  • Analysis of your business and of your needs
  • Evaluate the legal rules governing your sector of activity
  • Review and draft contracts (service, purchase and sale, rental, etc.)
  • Corporate support
  • Drafting legal opinions
  • Support in collection management
  • Support in human resource management
  • Support in establishing management policies
  • Specialized training
  • Have a team that knows your business
  • Easy and accessible consultations on site, by phone or internet
  • Make informed decisions
  • Foresee potential issues and minimize risk of litigation
  • Structure your contractual management
  • Have good contracts that you easily understand
  • Train your personnel for better uniformity
  • Benefit from flexible rates and flat rates adapted to your needs
Why trust us?

Because we have a team of attorneys

  • Who have business experience
  • Who understand your reality
  • Who demystify for you the legal issues which could affect your business in order to adequately manage risk
  • Who have a true interest in your business objectives
  • Who are available

We wish to not only counsel and advise you, we wish to contribute to the success of your business

  • Take advantage of our knowledge and minimize your risk
  • Equip your business with a real legal counsel team
  • Optimize the performance of your managers

Contact us for more information on the services we offer and our rates