Family mediation

The separation of a couple is never easy.  When children are involved, matters become even more complex.  Despite the break-up, the parties will always continue to be the parents.  It therefore becomes all the more important to attempt to find solutions to terminate the relationship in a healthy manner, and to put in place means for a better life for the future.

Family mediation is an excellent way to achieve this and settle sensitive aspects, such as:

  • Division of assets, moveables and immoveables;
  • Child custody, visitation and access, vacations and holidays;
  • Support for children and between spouses;
  • Sharing the costs related to the children;
  • Grandparents and step-parents’ rights and obligations.

Our objective is to help you in order that you may:

  • Find solutions in the interests of all concerned;
  • Facilitate the settlement of the consequences of your break-up;
  • Facilitate a healthy communication during and after the break-up; and
  • Facilitate maintaining a healthy parental relationship.

In the last few years, family mediation has increased considerably and has proven to be very efficient.  According to statistics on the internet site of the Justice Department:

  • 8 out of 10 couples who have had recourse to family mediation have succeeded in reaching an agreement; and
  • To obtain a judgment from Court, the parents who made use of the services of family mediation have, on average, incurred fully half the costs than those who did not.

Furthermore, in certain circumstances, the Department of Justice assumes a portion of the fees of an accredited family mediator.  This contribution could enable you to obtain up to 5 one hour sessions free of charge.  Contact us for more information and to evaluate your eligibility to this program.